Tips on being a great driver for life

Tips on being a great driver for life

Passing your driving test is huge. It’s a momentous occasion and one to be celebrated! But getting your full licence is not the end of the metaphorical road, it’s beginning of a whole new journey.

The skills that you learn during your lessons aren’t there simply to get you through your test; it’s so important that you continue to be a good driver every time you get behind the wheel. Here are our top tips on being a great driver for life.

Keep practising!

You may not find yourself needing to do certain manoeuvres very much, or driving on certain types of roads, so make sure you go out of your way to practice those things.

Be respectful and safe.

Remember your lessons in the early days? How would you have felt if a driver was tailgating you, or getting angry if you stalled the engine? As you become a more confident driver, don’t forget that everyone starts at the beginning and that it’s important to give others (including qualified drivers too) the space and time to drive. Plus, tailgating, overtaking in the wrong situations, and other rash and poor decisions can be incredibly dangerous.

Take a Pass Plus, or other additional, post-test lesson.

Learners currently aren’t allowed to drive on the motorway, so once you’ve passed it’s a fantastic idea to have that first experience of motorway driving with your instructor by your side. Because you’ll not be focusing on the need to pass your test, you’ll probably also find that you pick up on advice that is additional to the things you studiously took on board as a learner.

Get a black box insurance policy.

Black boxes have been somewhat controversial over the years because of curfews, restrictions and perceptions that they’re designed to catch young drivers out. Our main partner Marmalade[a1] prove that this simply isn’t the case, thanks to no time restrictions on customers’ policies, and only monitoring a few key aspects of driving that can make the difference between being safe, or not. Having a black box for at least your first year of driving life will help you to ensure that you don’t slip into bad habits such as speeding or harsh braking, which not only makes you safer on the roads, but also brings your future policy costs down.

Don’t give in to any peer pressure.

We know you love your mates, but if they are encouraging you to have a few drinks, drive faster, overtake in a dangerous situation, or anything else that could result in an accident or breaking the law – say no! It’s a big deal to be able to say no and have the confidence to stand up for yourself in these situations, but doing so right from the beginning will help you to remain a safe and legal driver. Plus, when your mates pass their tests, hopefully they’ll have picked up some great habits from you, and be great drivers too!

Chris Bensted, Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) and co-owner of Better ADIs, has this advice:

“Learning to drive not just about the trophy of a driving licence at the end, it’s picking up essential skills such being able to move the car forwards, parking, mastering roundabouts and understanding the rules of the road. Whilst taking a driving test is a huge milestone in your life, it’s not as difficult as real-life driving – it’s not an end-goal and learning doesn’t end there, so it’s important to make the actual learning and gaining confidence the priority.”

So those are our top tips for being a great driver for life. Of course passing your test will be an absolutely amazing moment and we’d love to hear from you as you get that amazing news – but remember that the learning and experience doesn’t stop there!


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