Teenagers 20% more likely to pass driving tests than adults

Teenagers 20% more likely to pass driving tests than adults

Marmalade, the driving force behind Learner Driver Week, has found that those who are waiting until they’re older to learn to drive are impacting their chances of passing their theory and practical tests.

Learn to drive when you’re young

Research published in July shows that there has been a 20% decrease in the number of under-25s learning to drive. It appears that when faced with the rising costs of learning to drive, many teenagers are putting off learning until they are in a full-time job.

However, data from the Department for Transport shows that in 2016 teenagers were:

  • 10% more likely to pass their practical test than adults in their 20s,
  • and 20% more likely to pass than adults who took their test in their 30s!

We hope that by highlighting this statistic we can encourage more young people to take their test earlier, get their licence and take to the open road.

Skills for the future

Crispin Moger, CEO at Marmalade, said:

At Marmalade we know that driving is a life-changing and lifelong skill, particularly for younger people. We want to encourage them to learn to drive as soon as possible as it gives them independence and opens up opportunities for education, work and relationships.

Learning to drive should be within the reach of young people, so we have developed our insurance policies with young people in mind. Our black box policies reward young drivers based on their acceleration, braking, cornering and average speeds, meaning that good drivers will save money year-on-year. This goes against the rest of the industry, which unfairly penalises drivers based on their age without taking their driving ability into consideration.

We challenge others to follow our example and take the necessary steps to make driving more affordable for young drivers. In the UK there are 7.8 million provisional licence holders, but only 1.25 million practical tests are taken every year.

We want to encourage as many of those provisional licence holders as possible to turn green into pink and begin a lifetime of freedom. The best time to learn to drive is now!


LDW 24 under 24

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