Parents left white-knuckled when teaching their children to drive

Parents left white-knuckled when teaching their children to drive

Despite official guidelines for learner drivers advising to supplement professional driving lessons with approximately 22 hours of private tuition, Marmalade – the driving force behind Learner Driver Week – has discovered that almost half of parents feel ‘petrified’ when teaching their child(ren) to drive.

The Twitter Poll* revealed that a whopping 43% of parents felt ‘petrified’ when accompanying their child behind the wheel and a further 25% were ‘somewhat nervous’ about the experience.

Petrified Parent

We spoke to Shelby Haslam, mum of Marmalade Ambassador Kitty, about her experience: “I try my best to be calm, to let Kitty get on with the driving and not to panic, but my knuckles are white, and my foot is jammed to the floor.

“It’s the parent’s curse of constantly imagining all the worst things that can happen and feeling powerless to do anything about them.“

Read more about Shelby’s white-knuckle experience in her blog here.

Overcoming the fear

For those parents who can relate to this feeling of anxiety, we would recommend a flick through the Highway Code to familiarise yourself. For those who claim to be ‘petrified,’ you will be pleased to know there are advanced driver training courses available, which can help improve your own technique in the process

During the learning process, communication and keeping track of progression are key for the parents to see what their child is capable of.

Louise Walsh from Driving instructor TV advises: ‘’I always tell parents to keep some sort of diary or log so that it can be shared with the driving instructor, taking a particular note of any questions or uncertainty.”

Marmalade offers an abundance of information and advice for parents to help them along the journey including hints and tips on buying and insuring a car and keeping your child safe on the road. It’s definitely worth a look.

*Twitter poll: 29th January 2018, 401 responses


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