How can I help my child learn to drive?

You may want to be a part of this journey and take your child out for private lessons in your car. If so, this is the article for you.

How can I help my child learn to drive?

“Oh my goodness how am I old enough to have a child who can drive?”

When your not-so-little children start their driving lessons it’s huge moment for parents as well as the fledgling driver themselves – so the pride, excitement and nerves are probably setting in for you both!

You may want to be a part of this journey and take your child out for private lessons in your car – and this is something that the DVSA strongly recommends, suggesting that learner drivers go out for roughly 22 hours of private lessons alongside those with a professional driving instructor. This can be nerve-wracking for you both, because it’s a change to your usual relationship and one where emotions can play a big part…

Getting on the road, argument-free!

Mark Richards – parent blogger at Best Dad I Can Be and dad to Marmalade blog ambassador Eleanor – recalls the first time he sat in the passenger seat with his daughter behind the wheel:

“When I first took Eleanor out for lessons I was terrified. Not because of being in the car with her driving, but in case I said the wrong thing and got shouted at - which I did actually, several times… But I remember Eleanor once picking me up from work and someone pulled out in front of her, and she executed a perfect emergency stop, I was very proud of her then. It was the first thing I told her mum about when we got home.”

Top tips for teaching your child to drive

Driving is a very emotive thing and as the parent, trying to keep your cool when all you want is for your child to be safe, can be tricky. Try these tips to help make things go smoothly, whether you’re waving your son or daughter off on a lesson with their instructor, are sat in the passenger seat while they drive, or driving them somewhere.

  • Set a good example – do your seatbelt up, stay calm, don’t drive to close to other vehicles when you’re driving. These things can have a huge impact.
  • Try to stay calm – whether you’re nervous about them having lessons, or about allowing your child to drive your car, if you don’t show confidence in them then they will doubt themselves. You don’t have to convince them that they’re invincible, but let them know that you trust and believe in them.
  • Consider taking an advanced driving lesson before teaching your son or daughter. This isn’t a legal requirement, but could help you be a better teacher to them – and it could improve your own driving techniques!
  • Familiarise yourself with the Highway Code – this way, whether you’re taking your child out for private lessons or simply chatting to them about how it’s all going, you can help to get these key legal and safety requirements sticking in their minds.

This is a big deal for everyone, but remember that predominantly, it is about your child and making the process of learning to drive as stress-free, exciting and positive as possible for them.

Tell us about your experiences!

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