Finding the right instructor for you

Price, Personality and Pass Rate - This is how most people choose an instructor. But it's not necessarily the best place to start.

Finding the right instructor for you

Our partners at Driving Instructor TV have pulled together their Top Ten tips for choosing the right driving instructor for you. 

1. Recommendations are great

Recommendations from your friends can often be a great place to start, however, the instructor your friend uses may be right for them but not for you.  If possible sit in on your mates lessons and get an idea about what happens on a lesson and a feel for how the instructor teaches. Most instructors should be happy to have you sitting in.

2. Pick an instructor not just a firm 

It's worth noting that if you have been recommended a specific driving school be aware that if the school have a number of instructors working under the same school name you may not get the instructor that came recommended.  Try asking for an instructor by their name if planning on going to a multi-car driving school 

3. Interview your instructor!

All instructors should be happy to either chat on the phone, via text or email.  Ask them what they will do for you - and we don't mean deal or price! Talk to them about how they teach and how that may help you.  Can the instructor support you if you have a specific learning or physical need? Do they offer post-test driving experiences such as motorway or Pass Plus training? Make a list of things that are important to you before you make contact. Ask the Instructor why you should choose them - Does their answer fit your needs?

4. Remember they are experts 

Ask the instructor how they can help with your theory revision. Many instructors will have computer programmes, DVDs or books they can give you access to.  You may also want an instructor who brings theory into your lessons or offers specific theory sessions.  Some instructors even taken you to and from your theory test. 

5. Think about availability 

Do they work during the times you are available and how flexible are you both able to be to fit into each other's diaries? Do they have a cancellation policy if you can't make a lesson? Does this include terms and conditions they will keep if they can't make a lesson at short notice?  

6. Book early

Demand for driving lessons are currently high and many instructors run a waiting list, sometimes with six month waiting lists or more. You want to CHOOSE your instructor, not take the only one that's available.

7. Don't pay for a block of lessons up front

It may be tempting to save money from the outset, but we recommend trying the instructor out first, trust your gut feeling and don't be afraid to try a few. 

8.Check they are registered  

All instructors need to be registered with the DVSA (Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency) either as a fully qualified driving instructor (ADI) or a trainee driving instructor (PDI) - An instructor must legally display either a green badge (ADI) or pink badge (PDI) in their cars.  Without a valid badge displayed it is illegal to charge for lessons.  

9. Does the instructor support your driving practice between lessons?

If you plan to drive in between lessons it's worth finding out how the instructor will support this.  Your instructor should be happy to communicate with and advise whoever is supporting your private practice. Many instructors encourage parents to join in on lessons so you can all work together. 

10. Ask about pass rates 

Once you think you have narrowed down your search THEN ask questions about price and pass rates.  Remember, finding an instructor who suits your needs regardless of price may well work out cheaper in the long run! 



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