Black boxes – a growing trend among gamers

Black boxes – a growing trend among gamers

The race for safety

Young drivers, especially guys, can have a reputation for being ‘boy racers’. However, we are seeing young drivers in a race to become the safest on the road.

Telematics insurance allows drivers to continually keep an eye on their driving and nip minor issues in the bud before they become dangerous, such as entering roundabouts too quickly or braking too harshly around corners.

These black boxes monitor driving based on acceleration, braking, cornering and overall speed, giving a percentage score after each journey:

  • 75% and over = green (no issues)
  • 55-74% = amber (suggested low-risk areas for improvement)
  • 54% and below = red (high-risk driving)

If drivers receive a red journey, the risk is highlighted and advice is given on how to stop the issue occurring again.

How do you play?

Marmalade, the driving force behind Learner Driver Week, has spoken to customers and found that not only is their black box a tool for self-evaluation, but also a way to compete with friends and family for potential gain!

More than 45 customers have detailed how they have “gamified” their black box, usually whereby the person with the lowest score in the group pays for petrol or is the designated driver on a night out, with more niche scenarios whereby the “loser” buys an air freshener or washes the car, or the “winner” gets a Freddo:

“We all complete a similar or identical journey and whoever gains the highest score is the winner. We then rank each member of the group and whoever gets the lowest score pays for a bowling game at the end of the month”

“We compete to see if we both can get green journeys. It makes us focus on the road. The person that gets the most amber points has to give the other person a free "taxi" trip somewhere!”

More of a solo player?

Other customers also said they compete with themselves to obtain maximum scores, with one even saying if they get below 98% on any drive they are not allowed any chocolate that day… a bit harsh if you ask us! #treatyoself

For more information about black box insurance visit Marmalade or talk to Learner Driver Week on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


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